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Way to Speed up Booting on Windows 10

Whether it comes to the old or modern computer, there will be taking time especially in booting, so knowing the way to speed up booting on Windows 10 will be totally important for any owner.
As we know that this Microsoft’s operating system is much better yet faster especially in booting, but still it involves some occasional waiting. However, owners still need any alternatives to shave seconds and bring it faster with no dangerous tweaks.
Though it may take some extra time on boot and makes you wait longer on this process, why didn’t you try to quicken this issue? Down below we bring you an effective way to speed up booting on Windows 10 that makes you no need to wait for a longer time.
Way to Speed up Booting on Windows 10

Use a Fast Startup Mode

Users of Windows 10 may know that the process of reboot is untouched. Due to this problem, it is good for users to find the best performance on their PC by restarting it at first. Though it may be enabled by default, using fast startup mode can be done easily.
Find the “Setting” then continue to click “System”, then choose “Power & Sleep” and end it up with clicking “Additional Power Settings”. To turn on the mode, click “What the Power Buttons Do” then ensure that there is a checkbox beside the “Turn on Fast Startup” menu.

Remove or Reduce Startup Items

Another option, while you’re booting a Windows 10, there might be many programs run on the desktop. To help you accelerate its process, try to reduce all those programs and apps. But why does it look that important? It’s because the startup program will slow down the launch time of Windows 10.
To reduce any apps, find “Taskbar” then choose “Task Manager”, and select “Start-up tab”. There you can find a list of all programs that are installed and run once you start the PC. From there you can classify which programs that you let to perform and which programs needed to be stopped to run.

Ensure there is no Malware

Another reason why it can be running so slow is malware. This issue can drastically affect the time of boot, so it’s essential for you to reduce any malware as the way to speed up booting on Windows 10. However, malware may always ruin any system on your PC, including slowing down the boot.
To avoid this problem, you can use Windows Security system to scan and protect all systems on your PC. Find the security system on the Windows Security Center by finding it on the Menu search bar. Find what viruses that treat your computer and do a quick scan as possible.

Only Set the Sleep Mode

We have an interesting fact, starting the boot when the PC is off will be slower than when you resume the PC from sleep mode, so keeping the computer on sleep mode is recommended when you’re seeking a faster booting process.
This may be simple things but really helpful for those who need more efficiency while using the PC, especially in the process of rebooting.
You may have installed the newest operating system on your PC, but still it takes more time in the process of rebooting. For that reason, follow the simplest way to speed up booting on Windows 10 we have covered up above to bring it more efficient.