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Way to Fix Apps Not Updating Issues

If you’re a user of a phone based on Android but can’t install the update automatically, you need to know the way to fix apps not updating issues immediately. As the OS, Android will systematically give the newest version of applications as it’s connected to the internet.
But if owners don’t get the notification of the upgrading process, there will be something that doesn't run well with the system. Further, there will be multiple reasons that possibly cause the problem.
If you experience similar issues, let’s find out the answer about what actually happens there and understand the best way to fix apps not updating issues on your smartphone. All those answers will availably be found down below.
Way to Fix Apps Not Updating Issues

Check the Internet Connection

The simplest way you can attempt to solve that problem is by checking the network of your phone. As users have a stable connection of the network, it will enable Play Store to give an update of any application automatically.
To make sure that you have a good connection to the internet, just follow these instructions. These ways will also help you check the setting of permission in Google Play.
1.    First you need to download and update the application using mobile data.
2.    Don’t forget to disable proxy and VPN
3.    To check the permission, first open “Setting” then find the “Apps” menu, “All Apps” and choose “Google Play Store”. There you can select “permission” then take all the required permission.

Clear Up the Cache of the Play Store

Another way to fix apps not updating issues is by clearing up all cache in your Play Store app. Sometimes there are several files transformed as caches block the settings you’ve fixed.
Due to those issues, before updating the application, owners suggested clearing up the cache. So here are few steps you can follow:
1.    Find “Settings”
2.    Find the “All Apps” menu
3.    Look for Google Play Store, then chose it
4.    Then click “Force Stop”
5.    Complete the step with go to storage, then choose “Clear Cache”, and finish with “Clear Data”

Uninstall then Reinstall Play Store

Even though it may not seem that common, this problem can also avoid the update issues of the application on your phone. To avoid this problem, you can follow these ways:
1.    Find “Settings” then look for “All Apps” menu
2.    Explore that section till you find out “Google Play Store” option, then tap it
3.    There you might find three dots (at the top-right corner), then find “Uninstall Update” and tap OK

Sign Out then Sign In to Your Google Account

Signing out then signing in again to Google Account can be another effective way to fix apps not updating issues on your smartphone.
You can simply do this method by signing out first, then rebooting the phone, and complete the process by signing in again to the account you have. Down below are some of steps you can follow, especially for the owners of Android 10:
1.    Find “Settings”
2.    Choose the “Accounts”
3.    Tap “Google”
4.    Then you can remove Google Account
5.    Complete the process by restarting the device
No need to worry when you face some problem with the gadget you have, especially to bring up the date of the applications installed there. Find out the answer by looking at the way to fix apps not updating issues we explained up above.