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How to Repair Broken Wireless Mouse

Knowing how to repair broken wireless mouse will come in handy if you have devices at home. Don't think that fixing a wireless mouse is such a difficult thing to do. If you understand how then this can help you reduce expenses for repair costs or buy a new mouse.
The wireless mouse gives users the flexibility to click and scroll through pages without being distracted by tangled or messy cables. Without a mouse, the work will be ineffective.
So, do not let the mouse be damaged so that it is not detected. When the wireless mouse does not detect on the laptop there are actually many factors associated with this problem.
As it could be the signal reception has been damaged, the battery is drained, and the mouse driver is not installed properly.
The difference between a wired mouse and a wireless mouse is that there is a device that functions as a receiver in the form of a dongle that is connected to the computer's USB port and the transmitter in the form of the mouse itself.
How to Repair Broken Wireless Mouse

How to Repair Broken Wireless Mouse by Understanding the Problem

The first thing you have to understand is the cause why the mouse does not work, whether it is damaged, or just running out of battery power. If you run out of battery power, the way to fix it is quite easy.
The first easy way to overcome a dead wireless mouse is to replace the battery first because this initial guess is very reasonable to do. This is because the wireless mouse can turn on with the help of power from the battery.
After changing the battery and still the mouse remains disconnected. If a wireless mouse suddenly not turning on, it could be because the signal receiver is damaged. This case often occurs because the receiver owned by the mouse is not of good quality.
Sometimes the mouse hardware is damaged so that the mouse is unable to send a signal to the Bluetooth dongle (receiver) even though it is using a new battery.
The tips on how to repair broken wireless mouse is find out a damaged wireless mouse receiver signal is that the red sensor/laser light under the mouse is no longer lit. If the laser is already damaged, you have to replace the new mouse.

Check Dongle and Connection with Laptop

A mouse that cannot be used can be resolved by removing and replacing the dongle (signal receiver) to the USB port on the computer. This method usually works on computers that suddenly lose their connection.
Try this step: Remove the dongle from the laptop/computer port. After a few moments, restart the laptop first, then plug the dongle back in. This applies to the ordinary wired mouse as well as the wireless mouse.
If the wireless mouse is off and has done the methods above but it doesn't turn on. This step to repair a wireless mouse is worth a try.
Because usually the driver for the mouse is not installed properly. Check the wireless mouse driver again, you can check the wireless mouse driver is installed properly or not.
Taking good care of your mouse is your obligation, and you also need to know the steps on how to repair broken wireless mouse because it can come in handy one day.