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How to Reinstall Windows 10 on Laptop Properly

Knowing how to reinstall Windows 10 on laptop properly is very important because maybe one day you will need it. It is one of the most common problem-solving solutions for users when their computer is error.
Reinstalling allows the system to return to its original system so the errors are fixed and many other problems are not there anymore.
If you do it traditionally, you will need an installer that you can get from CD, DVD or flash drive that contains the installer.
But you don’t need that if your Windows version is higher than 8. For these newer version, Windows has introduced new installer process called refresh and reset.
You can understand the steps in how to reinstall Windows 10 on a laptop properly with these features because it’s very fast and easy. Before you do, you should decide which one you want to use. Each feature has its own advantage that you must know.
How to Reinstall Windows 10 on Laptop Properly

Get to Know How to Reinstall Windows 10 on Laptop Properly

You can reinstall your laptop using the refresh and reset through the desktop and boot menu. But if your laptop is still running okay, you can use the desktop method, the steps are quite simple:
1. Open the Start Menu then select Settings,
2. and then you can choose the update and security option,
3. Choose the Recovery option,
4. and then choose the Get started option from Reset this PC,
5. choose Keep my files if you only want to refresh, and choose Remove everything if you intend to reset,
6. The process will begin immediately, so you have to wait.
If your laptop has some partitions, usually there will be question asked if you want to remove your files (partition) or not. However, if you don't want to delete all partitions, then select the option where the windows program is installed in your laptop.
When you choose this, the reset process will only delete data on drive C or any other partition where the program is installed. This is why understanding how to reinstall Windows 10 on laptop properly is very important.

About Refresh & Reset in Windows 10

Broadly speaking, restart and reset and is a feature with almost the same appearance, reminders will return the windows on your computer to its original state when it is finished installing. However, you also need to pay attention to the basic guidelines before reinstalling.
If you choose refresh feature, you don’t need to lose your data, but if you choose reset, you must know that it means you will lose everything from your laptop. It means that this refresh process will only delete the desktop settings and programs that you have installed.
Whereas your wish has opted for the reset feature, it automatically reinstalls and formats the hard disk on your computer. This means that all programs and files on your computer will be deleted automatically.
Before you reinstall your laptop, you should pay attention to the right way so you don't have to lose all your data. Carefully understand the steps on how to reinstall Windows 10 on laptop properly.