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How to Fix Wifi Disconnection on Laptop

When your laptop cannot connect to wifi, it will definitely make you annoyed and want to know how to fix wifi disconnection on laptop. With this wifi, it makes it easier for you to surf without having to plug your laptop into a LAN cable.
That way you will find it easier to carry out activities related to the internet. However, what happens if the laptop you have suddenly cannot connect to wifi. Of course, this is very disturbing your work.
There are many things that cause our wifi to connect to a laptop. So, to solve this problem, this time we will discuss easy tips to overcome laptops that cannot connect to wifi.
The cause of the laptop not connecting to wifi can be due to trivial things like we haven't activated wifi or an error in inputting the SSID and password. Therefore, you must first enter the SSID and password so you can connect to wifi.
How to Fix Wifi Disconnection on Laptop

How to Fix Wifi Disconnection on Laptop with These Simple Steps

But if this has been done but the laptop still doesn't want to connect to wifi, you can follow these steps. To overcome the unconnected laptop to wifi, you can do this by clicking Start then selecting Control Panel then Network and Internet.
After that, you can select Network and Sharing Center and select Change Adapter Settings. If so, you can right-click on Wireless Connection, then select Properties.
On the Networking tab, you can double-click on Internet Protocol Version 4. Then click Obtain IP Address Automatically and Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically, then click OK.
However, if these steps still can't get you connected to the laptop, it is possible that there is an error in your network driver. For that, it's a good idea to right-click on My Computer on the Start Menu, then select Manage.
Select Device Manager and look for Network Adapter then if there is a yellow exclamation mark it means something is wrong with your laptop driver. Under Network Adapter you can find your WiFi hardware.
You can right-click and Uninstall on the WiFi hardware. After that, right-click and select Scan for Hardware Changes so that your laptop will automatically reinstall the WiFi hardware drivers. When finished, close the Device Manager then connect the laptop to WiFi again.

Causes of Laptops Cannot Connect to Wifi

There are several reasons for your laptop not being able to connect to wifi that’s why you need to know how to fix wifi disconnection on laptop.
If the indicator light on WiFi is always red, usually there is damage to the hardware and the driver cannot be detected automatically.
The wireless network wifi button on the laptop is not active or is turned off. Usually when it is active the light indicator on WiFi will turn green.
Then an error when setting a network connection, usually internet users who use certain SSH or proxies have changed the network connection settings, then when they use public wifi services and forget to reset them.
After carrying out these steps, your laptop should be able to connect to wifi normally and smoothly. Therefore, properly understand the steps in h how to fix wifi disconnection on laptop.