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How to Fix a Hanging or Freezing Laptop

You need to know how to fix a hanging or freezing laptop so that the device can function normally again. Along with the rapid development of technology, the need for a computer or laptop device has become a necessity.
Especially laptop devices that have quite practical use-values compared to other personal devices such as computers or desktops.
With the development of internet technology and software, many laptop users install various applications regardless of the priority of the applications needed to meet their needs.
This can actually cause problems on your laptop. Unexpectedly, suddenly the laptop hangs, is slow, not responding, and even crashes. This problem is caused by an overload of applications and does not pay attention to laptop capabilities.
How to Fix a Hanging or Freezing Laptop

How to Fix a Hanging or Freezing Laptop by Knowing Its Causes

Before looking for ways to solve it, you first have to know what causes your laptop to be problematic. Below are some of the causes and ways to solve a laptop hangs:
The first problem that causes your laptop to hang is a virus on your device. Most viruses can damage your Windows system. As a solution, you can install powerful antivirus software.
Excess heat on the CPU or processor and VGA can result in slow performance of your laptop. This will cause the software or system to become error, stuck, hang, or not responding.
Regarding how to deal with a laptop hang, you can clean the dust in the fan or what is commonly called a heatsink.
In addition, you have to check the condition of the processor, make sure the processor of your device is in good condition. Immediately replace and apply a new thermal paste to the processor and heatsink of your laptop.
The important thing you have to pay attention to is not to force the hard disk to store more files if there has been a bad sector and low space.

Easy Ways to Handle Laptop Freeze

How to fix a hanging or freezing laptop starts by pressing the CTRL + SHIFT + ESC keys on a laptop with the Dell brand or CTRL + ALT + Del on most types of laptops. Then wait for it to enter the Task Manager feature.
Then select and stop the software by clicking "End Task". In this way, you can force close software or applications that are running or having problems.
You can force the laptop to shut down. This is by pressing the power button for 5 seconds, then the laptop will shut down immediately. From here you can try to restart your laptop. If the steps above can't solve your laptop hang, chances are there is hardware damage.
In this case, you should make improvements to someone who is more skilled in this matter. The way to solve the next laptop hang is to service your laptop to a more experienced computer technician.
Damage to laptops can occur anywhere and anytime. In general, the initial damage that occurs to the laptop often hangs or not responding.
This if it occurs while doing assignments or work, of course, it is very disturbing and hinders your performance. Therefore, you need to know what causes your laptop to become problematic and how to fix a hanging or freezing laptop.