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Fixing Error Laptop Keyboard Tips

You can use simple fixing error laptop keyboard tips if your keyboard is experiencing problems. The keyboard is one of the laptop components that is quite prone to damage.
Starting from the wrong key entering characters, not functioning partially, and fully not functional. Usually, to fix a damaged keyboard we must first know the cause.
The keyboard can be damaged due to being splashed with water, too much dust has accumulated in it, and so on. But unfortunately, sometimes the laptop keyboard went error suddenly without knowing exactly what the cause is.
If so, then you automatically have to try some emergency repair steps while guessing what the cause of the damage is. Here are some of emergency repair steps that you can do at home before deciding to take it for a repair.
Fixing Error Laptop Keyboard Tips

Simple Steps of Fixing Error Laptop Keyboard Tips

A keyboard that doesn't work properly is sometimes accidentally caused by yourself. One of the most common cases is that Num Lock is activated as a result of pressing a certain key combination.
When Num Lock is active, the character that comes out is usually different from the key pressed. To turn off the Num Lock, press the "Fn" and "NumLk" keys on the keyboard simultaneously.
For some laptops, pressing "Caps Lock" and "NumLk" can also turn it off. Please contact customer support from your laptop manufacturer to find out how to turn off Num Lock if the two combinations above don't work.
Restarting the laptop is the first step that you must take before taking any other action. Restarting a laptop can fix hundreds of operating system problems instantly.
If it can't be restarted, you can hold down the power button for a few seconds until the laptop turns off. If after restoring the problem still exists, then please try the other steps.

Common Causes of Keyboard Not Working

One of the causes that most often causes damage to laptops is dust and dirt. Dust and dirt are usually stuck between the keyboard keys so that it will cover the components inside. The older your laptop is, the more dirt it usually gets.
One of the easiest step of fixing error laptop keyboard tips is by cleaning it. Tilt or flip the laptop up to 45 to 75 degrees while shaking it. You can also use a special cleaner for the keyboard which is usually a small vacuum to get rid of dust.
If your laptop keyboard doesn't work because it's splashed with water, then you have to clean the inside. Remove the knobs and then clean the circuit board using a soft cloth or cotton swabs that have been lightly treated with alcohol.
Releasing the keys on the keyboard is quite difficult and requires certain skills. If you haven't mastered it then it's better not to do it because it might actually add to the damage to the laptop keyboard.
If you have tried all the ways to repair the laptop keyboard above but have not worked, then you have to take it to a service place. Even so, it doesn't hurt to know about fixing error laptop keyboard tips so you can save on repair costs.