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Do you dream of an interior that is exclusive, unique and at the same time coherent? Then you can easily combine modern and old furniture. Because the mixture of different surface structures, shapes and styles gives every room an individual touch. Here you will find practical tips and suggestions for cleverly playing with old and new.



1. Become a repeat offender

Mixing styles only works if you approach it carefully. If too many different design elements come together, a look quickly looks random. Avoid this by using a consistent color scheme in your facility. Alternatively, you can use repetitive patterns or similar materials over and over again. Your interior looks particularly harmonious if all antique and modern pieces have at least one thing in common.

2. The stuff that (living) dreams are made of

Give your rooms timeless elegance and warmth with vintage fabrics. Animal print runners, deep-pile carpets or hand-knotted Persians add distinctive color accents and contrasts. As a harmonious counterpoint to upholstered furniture in bright colors, we recommend calm natural tones.

3. Great antiques for small spaces

An oversized antique bureau made of oak or a plush 1950s sofa often works wonders! Because the juxtaposition of different proportions, classic lines and modern living space conveys size and spaciousness. First set an imposing focal point, for example in the form of a dining table made of natural wood. Then round off the look with modern accents.

4. Greetings from the past

If you want to combine old and new furniture in style, focus on entirely contemporary spaces. Straight, minimalist kitchens, for example, get an individual flair from antique wall units. Such an eye-catcher does not detract from the modern overall impression. Rather, it creates a harmonious, balanced look with character. With our restoration tips, you can give worn antiques a new shine and transform them into spectacular home accessories in no time at all.

5. Decoration rule 80/20

The so-called 80/20 rule helps when combining old and new pieces of furniture. Unless you're an avid antique collector, most of your interior should be made up of contemporary pieces. The remaining twenty percent can be attributed to small accessories and decorative elements from yesteryear, such as diaries bound in leather, old maps in an elegant frame or an artfully decorated grandfather clock.

6. Playing with light and reflection

Lamps offer you a simple way to combine antique and modern elements. The mix of different furniture styles still unsettles you? Then slowly approach the mix of old and new by first experimenting with vintage lights. In a modern ambience, for example, an old-fashioned ceiling lamp or a hanging lamp with a Tiffany look make real style statements. The decoration with a mirror in a golden baroque frame is just as effective. It gives your room character and also reflects the light.

7. Don't be afraid of unexpected color combinations

Contrasts are essential when it comes to combining old and new furniture. When choosing a color, you can therefore use gaudy nuances. Keep an eye on the color scheme of your interior and choose two matching shades that are eye-catching. Jungle green and blue-gray make a chic combination. As an alternative, we recommend a single dominant color tone that unfolds its effect in conjunction with many nuances.
In order for the combination of old and new pieces to work, there is basically only one basic rule to be observed: the balance has to be right! In addition, only choose furniture and accessories that match your personal style. In this way you create a harmonious, individual look that develops in step with you.