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For art lovers, there is hardly anything better than visiting an interesting gallery. Of course, it is even better to have your own collection, consisting of individual favorite pieces. Here we would like to present a few tips on how to select the right works for your collection and how to present them in the best possible way.



The financial framework

Are you looking for new additions to your art collection? Then, as with the property search, it is important to set a budget. Determine a fixed sum or price range and stick to these parameters when hunting for appealing pieces. Without a specific budget, the search can end in disappointment. Because it is not uncommon for you to fall in love with a work at first sight, only to then find out that it is far beyond the financial framework.

Compatibility with the living space

Many collectors are interested in many things: They adore the old masters as well as the visions of the impressionists and modern artists. In art galleries or museums, all of these works come into their own. On the other hand, caution is advised in private living spaces. Therefore, consider carefully how much space your property offers and which style goes best with the design of your home. 
Even if you actually love dark oil paintings: If a light, lively picture goes better with your interior, you should choose a corresponding work from the contemporary end of your taste spectrum. Living space and art should form a unit and not conflict with one another.

Correct suspension

Works of art come into their own at eye level. They also need enough space. The latter is especially true for three-dimensional works and sculptures. The exhibits only develop their full effect if they are positioned at a sufficient distance from one another. Your favorite gallery provides practical suggestions. Next time you visit, pay attention to how the professionals stage their exhibits.


Even extremely light-sensitive originals are never completely in the dark in galleries. The right lighting also plays an important role in your private collection. Install sconces around the paintings. A dimmer ensures particularly atmospheric lighting conditions. But it's not just artificial light that lets your collection shine. Changing daylight always brings out new facets of your treasures.

True love

In the best case scenario, your interior serves as an expression of your personality. Therefore, when putting together your collection, do not rely solely on the opinion of art critics. First and foremost, choose pieces that appeal to you, that convey a feeling or capture a moment that touches you. In short: buy art that takes your breath away. 
Of course, when investing, you should consider whether the price of the work of art is justified and whether the piece in question fits into your collection. But primarily it is about serving your personal taste. Even if this makes your collection look rather eclectic. The combination of different styles in one room works without any problems, as long as the proportions are right and a connecting element exists.