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A chic, elegant interior makes your home look exclusive right away. As every good designer knows, it depends on the details - starting with the fresh painting of the wall and ending with elegant silk pillows. It does not matter whether you have just moved into a new home with a lot of space or only have little space available: With our ideas for high-quality decoration, luxury will find its way into your home in no time at all.



1. Paint room doors

When choosing colors for your interior design, we recommend choosing either striking or subtle tones. You can make a real style statement with colored room doors. Luminous accent colors look fresh and stylish. Black doors meanwhile spread an opulent flair. Combine this with other high-quality decorative items in the same shade. This creates a coherent overall picture.

2. Natural window decoration

Do not use plastic or transparency when choosing your curtains, drapes or blinds. Instead, go for elegance and use products made from organic, natural materials. Lined silk curtains, linen fabrics or woven cotton look classy and at the same time unobtrusive. If you prefer blinds, look for models made of wood or bamboo.

3. Eye-catching works of art

Every room wins with an imposing eye-catcher. Wall art is made for it. A large picture above the sofa immediately attracts everyone's attention and thus creates visual harmony. For example, treat yourself to a tryptichon from your favorite painter that sets strong accents of color. Or visit a local art academy to invest in the work of emerging talent.

4. Decorative pillows

High-quality decorative pillows give your rooms depth and character in no time at all. Compared to other styling actions, upgrading with pillows doesn't require a lot of effort. The cozy design wonders spread cosiness and also serve as a welcome splash of color in minimalist rooms. Be sure to choose voluminous, soft pillows filled with down. These models combine comfort and extravagant design to perfection.

5. Parquet floors

A carpet may radiate warmth and comfort. But parquet made of hardwood looks much more exclusive. The classic among floor coverings is reminiscent of traditional craftsmanship. It comes into its own when it is polished to a high gloss. You can often tell how old carpets are. If you want to sell your property, this could have a negative impact on the price. Parquet, on the other hand, impresses with its timeless elegance. In order to increase the value of your property with high-quality decoration, we recommend classic woods such as oak. More sophisticated alternatives would be cherry or teak.

6. Oversized carpets

Oversized carpets make small rooms appear larger and can be ideally combined with the parquet floor. With these high-quality decorative items, you can visually expand your room by a few square meters. The best effect is achieved with carpets whose color and texture harmonize with other design elements. 
If the search for a model with the right dimensions is difficult, you can easily fix two smaller carpets together. Would you also like to spice up your interior design? Then you will find further suggestions for luxurious interior design and high-quality decoration here. A well thought-out, coherent look makes every property appear more valuable. So decorate with attention to detail: it's worth it!