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In the USA the so-called mudroom - half entrance, half all-purpose room - is part of the basic equipment of many properties. Now the trend has also arrived abroad. No matter where you look: from Australia to Germany, homeowners set up practical laundry rooms that offer storage space for dirty street shoes and jackets. In this blog post you will find stylish furnishing ideas and tips for tidying up your utility room. 



Spatial separation

The classic mudroom is usually at the back entrance. But other solutions are also possible. Basically, you can convert any room near the entrance to a laundry room, if necessary with the help of partitions. Older properties may have access in the basement. These basement rooms are usually quite spacious and therefore offer plenty of space for an all-purpose room with practical storage furniture. Large garages or kitchens also hold enormous potential. Simply put in a partition and use the space gained as a mudroom. Alternatively, there is the option of integrating an all-purpose room into the hallway.

Order can be planned

Loosely translated, the term mudroom means something like mud room. This is no coincidence, because dirty shoes and damp coats leave their mark. So that your laundry room does not sink into chaos, it is important to think about a practical organization system. When planning, make sure to create different areas, for example for dressing and undressing. 
The entrance and exit should also be clearly recognizable. Make sure that the necessary connections are available for the washing machine and dryer. You should also invest in a functional washbasin and good lighting. Use the entire height of the room for shelves and cupboards.


Are you looking for custom-fit, individual furniture for your utility room? Then a multifunctional made-to-measure product is just right for you. How about a modern, sophisticated combination piece of furniture that combines a bench, coat hooks, shelves and shoe racks? Such unique pieces impress with their versatility. At the same time, the high-quality appearance integrates your laundry room harmoniously into the rest of the house.
Of course, the facility does not have to be new or massive. You can also keep an eye out for antique pieces. Just get inspired by the Scottish arts and crafts movement. Stylish wardrobes in the geometric Glasgow style are elegant and can be combined in many ways. With their clear lines, they fit perfectly into any stately home, while warm colors and natural motifs are reminiscent of cozy cottages. In combination with a rustic oak bench, a sturdy wooden chest with seat cushions and a shoe rack, the distinctive classics create a country house flair

Durable materials

Regardless of whether you live in a modern or traditional way: We recommend insensitive, easy-to-clean materials for furnishing your laundry room. A hard-wearing floor covering and wipeable, waterproof surfaces are the be-all and end-all.

A tiled floor is the ideal solution for the household room. Use simple white tiles. Because these all-rounders work with any interior design, regardless of whether it is modern or classic. Then set specific accents with warm colors or eye-catching patterns to create an inviting ambience. Another advantage of tiles: They harmonize perfectly with your underfloor heating.
Are you worried that a tiled floor could appear too sterile? Then decorate with natural materials. Lay wool carpets along the main walkways or set up wooden shelves. In this way, the feel-good factor increases. At the same time, you create a natural connection between indoor and outdoor areas. Treat wood and natural stone with a suitable glaze to protect them from moisture. Solid rock, such as slate, on the other hand, requires less maintenance.