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Floral patterns are currently celebrating their comeback - both on the international catwalks and in other areas. Opulent, nature-inspired designs can be found in the current collections of many well-known fashion houses, including Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu. Now the trend also seems to have arrived in the interior design world. Find out here how you can make your interior romantic and yet modern with floral wallpapers.



1. Striking flowers

Scattered flower patterns were yesterday. Today the designers rely on large, eye-catching flowers. If you want to create a contemporary look, it is best to decorate your walls with oversize motifs in rich, baroque colors. Concentrate on just one statement wall to create an elegant eye-catcher.

2. Interior with an outdoor flair

Spice up floral wallpapers in green with natural elements. We recommend succulents in beautiful plant pots or hanging grass lilies. These botanical eye-catchers provide variety and fit perfectly into the concept. The same applies to river pebbles, colorful crystals, lamps made of Himalayan salt and other living accessories with a natural look.

3. Contrast effect

Spectacular floral patterns are particularly effective in otherwise rather airy rooms. For example, an elegant wallpaper with a floral Asian design hardly needs any additional decoration. Because too many accessories and accents can quickly make this room look overloaded. Bring the wallpapered wall into focus by keeping the rest of the decor bright, sleek and elegant, and most importantly, modern. Paint the other walls in a soft natural tone to immediately draw your gaze to the imposing wallpaper.

4. Playing with light and shadow

Dark wallpapers with floral patterns exude exoticism and theatricality. If you use light and shadow in a clever way, you can intensify this effect. Look for motifs that are reminiscent of the still lifes of the great Baroque artists, that is, flowers in delicate pastel tones or bright primary colors against a black background.

5. Golden times

The interplay of black and gold is one of the absolute interior design classics. The dynamic duo also knows how to impress as wall decorations. However, in order for wallpapers with shiny gold flowers to develop their full effect, they need natural light. Pick up on the design with metallic vases, a rose gold side table and pictures in a gold frame to create a coherent overall picture.

6. Structure and material mix

Flowered wallpapers in deep green can be wonderfully combined with rustic and exciting home textiles. Shaggy carpets in earth tones, velvet pillows and blankets with playful tassels invite you to linger. This look is reminiscent of the indulgent luxury of times long past.

7. Trendy decoration

For those who like it romantic in terms of interior design, but prefer to slowly approach the topic of flower patterns, we recommend decorating with floral accessories. How about, for example, floral curtains, upholstery or storage boxes? In this way, you implement the botany trend without being tied to a specific wallpaper in the long term. If, on the other hand, you want to go all out, then combine textiles and floral wallpapers with different patterns. Make sure, however, that these harmonize in color. Otherwise, the look will quickly appear arbitrary and overloaded.
You can find more tips and suggestions for your oasis of living in our Interior Trends category. It doesn't matter whether you prefer cheerful, colorful patterns or a sensual, unusual look: The current trend offers floral designs for every taste!