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We humans are constantly evolving and the same should apply to our living space. Because those who regularly update their interior will fall in love with their own four walls again and again. In the event of a sale, these updates also enable quick marketing, as you can do without tedious repairs.
Best of all, you don't even need an architect to redesign your home. Because even without previous design knowledge, you can whip your interior up to date with our five simple tips within a day.



1. Your own gallery

Decorative art gives your home atmosphere. If guests come to visit, the exhibits also offer plenty of topics to talk about. Designing a picture wall from photos and prints is child's play: Simply buy a few frames and then choose your favorite motifs. Access frames in different colors. However, the materials should harmonize with one another. This turns your gallery into a unique work of art.
An original alternative to picture frames are photos in bottles and mason jars. This design idea gives your home a maritime touch. But not only prints, paintings and photographs are suitable as wall decorations. How about plates instead? Put ceramics of similar color, shape and size in the limelight and create an individual eye-catcher.

2. Chic antiques

Do you live in a modern house, but long for the rustic charm and idiosyncratic architecture of old buildings? Then it's easy to get creative. Stucco elements or DIY ceiling beams made of wooden strips will help you with this. Glue and nail down the strips and then paint them in the desired color.

3. Storage space update

You can make spectacular style statements even without the help of a design specialist! All you have to do is remove the doors of your cupboards. This makes your rooms appear more open. Would you like a particularly striking effect? Then paint the interior of the cabinets in a striking color and combine it with antique pieces.

4. New handles

With colorful or unusual handles and knobs, you can give your home a fresh look in no time at all. Classic brass furniture handles fit perfectly with the shabby chic trend. Knobs made of colored glass, on the other hand, create an exotic flair in your four walls.
Individual door handles give your interior a personal touch. It is best to use shells from your last beach vacation or old maps for handicrafts.

5. Furniture

Treat your furniture to a style update by upholstering it or refining it yourself. Follow the example of interior designer Michael Garvey and spice up simple furnishings with minimalist black lines or metallic accents. Simply use waterproof felt-tip pens or acrylic markers. Garvey is also known for geometric patterns on stools, tables and cabinets. All you need is tape and some paint. 
Old curtains or duvet covers are ideal for making pillows or chair covers out of them. This kills two birds with one stone, because upcycling protects the environment and is very trendy.