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Light, whether artificial or natural, plays an important role in every home: It influences our mood and creates the right ambience for work or leisure activities day and night. Now that the days are getting shorter again and winter is just around the corner, we often suffer from too little natural light in our four walls. An atrium can help here.
The ancient Romans once used the atrium as a meeting place. In the meantime, the design element is increasingly being used in modern buildings to transform entire walls or parts of the ceiling into glass surfaces. In this way, all rooms are flooded with daylight as best as possible. Here are five advantages of a home with an atrium.



1. Natural light

The further the year progresses, the shorter the days and the less often our bodies can soak up sunlight. This creates a lack of vitamin D, which is responsible for regulating calcium and phosphates. On the other hand, our mood suffers. This can lead to what is known as winter depression in some people. 
What exactly is behind the winter depression is still unclear. However, experts believe that the lack of sunlight in autumn and winter affects both the production of melatonin and serotonin in the body and the human body clock.
In this context, the atrium scores not only with its appearance, but above all with its health benefits. Because the extra sunlight makes it easier for us to reduce stress. Incidentally, the rooms directly adjoining the atrium also benefit. They are illuminated gently and naturally. Thus, they are perfect as meditation rooms with a Zen flair. Complete the Far Eastern look with a few potted plants, bamboo mats and a quietly splashing indoor fountain.

2. Meeting point

Atriums impress with their high ceilings, natural light and airiness. That is why the spacious rooms are ideal for cozy hours with family and friends. Lay out a colorfully patterned carpet in the middle and arrange comfortable sofas all around. In no time at all, elegant seating is created that invites you to linger. Pick up on the color worlds of your outdoor area with natural tones such as meerschaum green or lemon yellow. In this way you create a harmonious look that exudes looseness and lightness. We recommend hanging baskets or ferns as special accents.

3. Energy costs

If the design is right, the atrium not only serves as a cozy living space, but also helps to save energy. Thanks to the natural incidence of light, you can do without electric light for longer in autumn and winter. If your atrium is a closed structure, it also stores heat. Integrated ventilation systems prevent heat build-up in the summer months.

4. Green all year round

Use your atrium as a kind of winter garden and make it a home for tropical animals and plants. As a rule, the glass buildings are warm enough throughout to accommodate exotic birds or lizards. Do you prefer flora to fauna? Then create a wall garden of climbing plants and transform your atrium into an enchanted jungle. The incident sunlight makes your plants shine in a lush green, even when the outside temperatures are slowly falling. If it's uncomfortable and gray outside, you can retreat to your equatorial oasis.

5. Deco potential

A spectacular atrium gives otherwise neutral properties character and theatricality. Use this potential and beautify the area with seasonal decorations. If the sun is low and the leaves on the trees turn autumn-colored, then you can pick up the colors of nature in your interior. We recommend cozy pillows in rust red and orange nuances. An autumn bouquet, for example made of orange dahlias or autumn anemones, should not be missing either.
Anyone who owns a house with an atrium can consider themselves lucky. Because an optimally used atrium not only looks good, it also promotes well-being. Inspirational properties like this breathtaking atrium apartment in Berlin can be found on our website.