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7 Ways To Save The Most Effective HP Batteries, Try Now!

As technology evolves, there have been many types of electronic devices that can aid each individual's activities or daily activities. Technology Always Varied The latest innovations and developments in this era continue to see an increase in the number of users. This is because users continue to need various technologies that can make their daily activities easier.
Hence the existence of current technology can affect human life patterns. Almost all technology developed and marketed today always uses batteries to reserve energy. With the battery, electronic devices can be used anywhere, anytime. Unlimited space and time, only limited to the capacity of the stored battery.
7 Ways To Save The Most Effective HP Batteries, Try Now!

How to save on HP batteries

The capacity of the battery used for any electronic object has limited resources. Not all batteries used can be used to last forever. Because each battery has a different resistance, so its use has its own purpose. Here is a way to save battery and optimize the use of electronic devices.

1. power saving mode

Saving batteries is one of the options if you want your smartphone to last a long time so you can do many other activities. Smartphone batteries have different capacities for each smartphone brand. However, you don't need to be confused if you are traveling and you don't have a power bank to charge your battery with, you can save the battery in one of the following ways: in low-power mode. This power saving mode is very effective in saving battery.
The trick is quite simple too, you can set it up on your smartphone. By activating the power saving mode, your smartphone can still run various applications, but with less battery consumption than under normal conditions. So this is suitable if you want to save your battery.

2. Disable applications that are not in use (after being accessed).

Indeed, an application on a smartphone is necessary for accessing. Have we ever thought about how many applications we accessed? It's not a huge problem to be considered. However, this is a problem when the battery capacity is low.
Well how to save battery when you are is to disable applications that are not in use. The point is that after accessing the application, you need to clean up the application manager so that the application is really not running on your smartphone. This can make your battery more efficient.

3. screen brightness

The needs of every single smartphone user will certainly be different from the others. One of them with settings for the screen brightness of the smartphone. Sometimes someone likes when the smartphone screen is bright, there is also the opposite.
Well, if you want to save battery on your smartphone you can use it for a variety of things, such as en route, travel and other important things. You can decrease the brightness or brightness of your smartphone screen. If the brightness of the smartphone is very low, the battery consumption will also decrease. So you can save more battery.

4. No live wallpaper

The battery consumption of the smartphone depends on a multitude ofthings that are on the smartphone itself. Each individual's habits are different from those of other people. One of them is the use of wallpaper. There are people who like to use ordinary wallpaper, but there are also those who prefer live wallpaper or wallpaper that can move.
The type of wallpaper you use will surely affect the battery consumption of the smartphone. Well, the use of live wallpapers too. The battery consumption increases when you use the live wallpaper. So if you're saving battery, don't use a live wallpaper.

5. Use an original charger

The use of this charging type affects the charging conditions of the battery. This also affects your smartphone. To save your battery capacity, you can use the original charger of a smartphone. If you are using the original smartphone charger, your battery will be in normal condition.
This can improve the condition of your batteryeconomically compared to other chargers. In addition, using a non-original charger will have an indirect effect on your smartphone. The condition of your battery can be adversely affected, and the battery will run out quickly.

6. Turn off GPS

GPS, or better known as Maps, on smartphones can be an important application when you don't know where you are going. If you use GPS now, the battery of your smartphone will of course be consumed more. If you don't need GPS, you should turn off your location to make your battery last longer. If you turn off the GPS, your battery consumption may be slightly less than if you continue to turn on the GPS.

7. Turn off tethering / hospot

The host is an important functionwhen we want to share an internet connection with other devices. However, if you are able to conserve battery then you shouldn't power on the host. Why? Because turning on the host requires more batteries than under normal conditions. So unless you really need to turn on the host, then to keep the battery running, you shouldn't turn on the host.
With a variety of ways you can using batteries to store can simplify your activities using electronic devices that use batteries. Saving batteries can also help us participate in energy savings, especially battery energy.
Saving batteries can also be used in everyday life as it is very useful for the sustainability of the energy available. Hopefully this article is useful to you.