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7 ways to become the best business executive

A managing director, or Chief Executive Officer for short as CEO, is not exempt from the continuous development that is required of his company. Because leaders in particular, as thought leaders and role models, have to show the workforce that it pays to be prepared for the future. If you live this claim, you create motivation and also serve much better as a contact person for the concerns, questions and suggestions for improvement of the employees. But how do you do it? Here you will find nine strategies that you should consider and implement in a way that is tailored to you.

ways to become the best business executive

7 ways to become the best business executive

1. Focus on what is really important

Learn to set three main priorities for each working day and act accordingly. Of course, you will always be left behind on small things or in less important areas. But if you try to always have everything in view and turn all the screws at the same time, you will lose track.
In addition, you are not solely responsible for all areas - you should delegate what others can do just as well. Then you can determine and deal with the three priorities anew every day. Develop a “daily amnesia” for this: ask yourself in the morning what is most important on this one working day.

2. Keep the balance between ideals and investor claims

Regardless of whether you run a stock corporation or whether investors have launched your new start-up - you should neither alienate the financiers nor give up your ideals for them. Because you either built or joined your company because you wanted to create something important and right for the customers. Is that still your claim?
Then you also get the shareholders or investors in the mood. In the best case scenario, you have won them because they share your vision and thus support your decisions. But don't forget that in an investment there is also hope for a return. Perhaps uniting both sides is a daily priority.

3. Forget about buzzwords and draw on reality

The best way to get your message across is by storytelling. Don't use buzzwords, geek talk, or heavy corporate jargon. Remain human, light, and in the reality of the recipient. You have to get your team, your customers, your shareholders or investors on board. People trust (success) stories, not buzzwords.

4. Define the ideal added value of your company

Ask yourself: If your company went missing tomorrow, would anyone know? Who would mind? And why? It is better to run a company that brings about a (positive) change in the world than one that is just the next imitation of a copy.

5. Always stay true to yourself and your company

If you have found a satisfactory answer to the questions in point 4, then you and your company stand for something. You provide an answer. They offer a necessary help. You answer an essential question. Don't forget this whenever someone suggests a shortcut to success or a sell-out to make marketing easier. You are the gatekeeper of your company and have to make sure that the company, philosophy and overarching goal are not compromised.

6. Dream Big

Of course, it is realistic to only “bake small rolls”, especially at the beginning, after a relaunch or after a bankruptcy has been thrown out. But if you think small all the time, you stay small too. Even if you proceed cautiously at the beginning, keep an eye on the big goal from the start. And communicate it credibly to the workforce. There is no greater reward than helping your co-workers achieve what they thought was out of reach.

7. Develop a thick coat

Being the leading figure in a company, especially when you are the founder, is an emotional roller coaster ride. You will experience some very weak moments. Don't let the emotional pressures ruin you. People are going to read you better than you think, and when they smell vulnerability and weakness, you have fewer opportunities to assert yourself.


There is a lot to do, but we don't have to tell you as managing director that. But what we can give you along the way are the nine points mentioned. Take them to heart and become the best manager you can be in your company!