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6 Tips For Dealing Professionally With Customers in The Web Shop

The customer of an online shop should feel just as well served as in a stationary shop. Trusted Shops gives six tips on how online retailers can make their users feel good. When a customer enters a store, every good salesperson knows what to do: greet them in a friendly manner, respond to personal requests, make compliments, always be approachable and support the purchase decision at the right moment. Online retailers should behave in exactly the same way when a customer visits their web shop - just digitally. Trusted Shops gives six tips on how online retailers can make their customers feel good when shopping online.

Tips For Dealing Professionally With Customers

6 Tips For Dealing Professionally With Customers in The Web Shop

1. Personal greeting

A personal greeting creates an important prerequisite for making a purchase in an online shop: the customer feels welcome. The ideal is to greet logged-in customers by name - that sounds simple, but it has a big impact on the conversion rate. But new customers or customers who are not logged in should also be taken into account and feel welcome on the pages.

2. Product recommendations

Offer customers additional matching articles based on their search terms. Because individual product recommendations often hit the mark and give customers the feeling of enjoying good and personal service. The trend is going exactly there: "Curated Shopping" - personal shopping advice for customers. Helpful for the most accurate suggestions possible (and also a helpful function for the customer): the ability to create a wish list in the shop.

3. Small gifts

Complimenting an online customer is difficult. However, small gifts are a good substitute for this: for example, a ten percent discount as a welcome gift or for loyalty as a returning buyer. It is important that the customer receives a small amount of attention from the online retailer intended for him.

4. Contact options

If customers have any questions, they want to be able to contact the online dealer quickly and easily. If he had to walk through the aisles in the store to find someone, if in doubt he would put the product on some shelf and leave the store.
It behaves similarly in the online shop: If the customer cannot ask directly, he clicks on "Close page" and is gone. Direct contact options, without the customer having to search for contact options, are therefore very advantageous. An e-mail address with a clearly defined response period or, better, a telephone number (at which someone can always be reached during business hours) or a live chat are ideal contact options.

5. Product additions and simple ordering processes

Products that are provided with additional information can motivate customers to make an additional purchase: "Our tip: Did you know that product X is also suitable for XYZ?"
A well thought-out service that makes it easier for customers to check out is extremely important: clear shopping baskets, short and clear ordering processes, pre-filled forms.

6. After-sales service

After the purchase is before the next purchase. Online retailers should provide customers with good, personalized service even after they click "Buy". This includes, for example, an appealing order confirmation, a delivery notice as well as a link for shipment tracking and the question of satisfaction with the service and an evaluation.