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5 Business Ideas That Will Make Children Happy

Children are courted by the economy. You are not only tomorrow's customer, but also of today. When they want something, their parents can rarely say no, or their aunts, or grandparents, or, or, or. While such products used to have to be cheap, today almost nothing is too expensive for parents to make their children happy.
And what do the children want? Products that parents also have. Today I am presenting 5 business ideas that children could cast a spell on. These are, for example, smartwatches and robots for children. These products not only have to please the children, but also the parents, because they have to pay for them after all. Products that both can play with are of course ingenious. The trick is to break boundaries.

Business Ideas That Will Make Children Happy

5 Business Ideas That Will Make Children Happy

Smartwatch for children

If the parents wear a smartwatch, so do the children. That is why VTech is offering a smartwatch for kids in autumn 2014. This smartwatch can do almost anything a child could want. It not only shows the time, but you can also play games, a dictation machine is integrated, there is a stopwatch and alarm clock, there is a memory card, USB port and much more. 
The watch only has two control buttons so that it can be operated easily and intuitively, it should be suitable for children from 3 years and cost around 50 USD. Filip technology offers a competing product with the Filip Smartwatch, which should cost a mere 199 USD.

Romo Robot - the iPhone robot as a companion for children

The Romo is a special docking station for the iPhone. Because the docking station becomes a robot that is intended to serve as a loyal companion for children aged 5 - 99 years. He can move on two caterpillars. The battery lasts up to two hours. The Romo can communicate with you and even look at you. And when the user is not playing with his robo, he simply charges the battery of the iPhone and synchronizes the data, which a normal docking station does. The Romo is currently priced at $ 149.

KINDHOCHDREI Shopping Service

KINDHOCHDREI is your individual shopping service for clothing for children aged 0 - 6 years. After determining the children's clothing requirements, the customers are sent three perfectly coordinated outfits home. What you like can be kept, what you don't like can be returned free of charge. 
Each delivery is an individual combination and therefore has an individual price. The prices should be low because the purchasing advantages are consistently passed on and an attractive price-styling ratio is generated through the combination of different manufacturers.

Tootshavers - online game aims to encourage people to brush their teeth

How can you encourage children to brush their teeth several times a day for at least two minutes? The Kids ’Healthy Mouths campaign has developed various ideas for this. One of the newest ideas is the Tootshavers game. In this game, the children have to save the characters' teeth after they have been bewitched by a sorceress. Parents can enter the children's tooth-brushing times so that new levels are unlocked. Gamification can also be used when brushing your teeth. Who should be more open to gamification than children?

Lil ’Buco is a restaurant for children

Today there are top restaurants all over the world. Customers are adults who want to treat themselves to something. How about if such a concept were implemented for a children's restaurant? These are the questions the restaurant chefs and brothers Anthony and Danny Palumbo asked themselves. You opened the top children's restaurant Lil ‘Buco in Austin, Texas. It has 40 seats and a play area. The food is presented just as ingeniously. We also take cocktails for granted.