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5 Business Ideas For Parents and Children

Whether something is difficult or effortless often depends on the little things. We present 5 intelligent business ideas that make life more relaxed and beautiful for children and their parents.

Business Ideas For Parents and Children

5 Business Ideas For Parents and Children

# 1 infant. - Furniture that grows with you

Lars Theenhaus and Philip Dabrowski are fathers of young children. Like all parents, at some point they also looked for beautiful, robust and sustainable children's furniture that, in the best case, can also be used flexibly. Since they couldn't find what they were looking for, they began to manufacture what they had in mind: timeless furniture that grows with them.
As a carpenter and head of the Society for Interior Culture, that wasn't too much of a challenge for Lars Theenhaus. Together with Philip Dabrowski, he founded the brand bekind in order to change furniture culture for the long term. The furniture, which they manufacture exclusively in Cologne and only from local, renewable raw materials, is very flexible. 
Turning, turning and upside down changes the seat height or even the purpose of the piece of furniture. A chair becomes a stool or a side table, and a bench becomes a table. The furniture not only grows with you, it can also move to other rooms - because the design is not only suitable for children's rooms, but also looks good in the living room.

# 2 Nicoletta`s Handicap Dolls - dolls for more self-confidence

Nicoletta's dolls wear orthoses, a feeding tube or have a scarred heart. Each doll is unique - and it is the image of the child to whom it belongs. Medical assistant Nicole Sarripapazidis came up with the idea of making individual dolls with handicaps for children with handicaps in 2016 when she started looking after a handicapped child. The little one was carrying a feeding tube.

Nicole couldn't sew. But an inner voice told her that she had to sit down at the sewing machine. Because the people she met on walks always looked pityingly at the food aids that were visible on the stroller. Nicole wanted to make a satchel for it out of colored fabric. She dared - and it worked. From then on, passers-by had a smile on their face. Encouraged by the success, Nicole then sewed dolls. She dedicated the first to her protégé.
Nicole has since given up her old job and founded her start-up Nicotletta`s Handicap Dolls. With the dolls the children learn more easily to make friends with their handicaps. It also boosts their self-confidence when they have a friend by their side who is just like them.

# 3 Koru Kids - eat relaxed

Whether parents can enjoy a pleasant visit to the restaurant depends above all on whether the children whine or sit calmly and in a good mood at the table. The latter is often difficult just because of the seating. The normal chairs are still too low, but the high chair is too small.
Something in between is needed, thought Wolfgang Höhn after he returned from a family vacation in Dubai. In a hotel there were raised seats that didn't seem very safe to Wolfgang Höhn, but still served their purpose: the daughters sat at eye level with their parents, the whole family was happy. Back in Germany, Wolfgang Höhn looked for an industrial designer as a partner, founded the start-up Koru Kids in Riemerling, Bavaria in 2017 and began developing a practical booster seat for children. 
The result is the booster for children up to about seven years. It can easily be attached to any chair. It is now available in different versions. Customers include families, but above all the hotel and catering industry - in more than 30 countries.

# 4 comfort box - distraction when sick

As a mother of two, Michaela Sulz knows what it means when a child is sick in bed. The little ones are almost fit again within a very short time, but should still stay at home and rest. The big boredom sets in and the whining begins. When the woman from Offenburg was standing at the bedside again and wondered how she could keep her child busy in a meaningful way, she came up with the idea of the consolation box.
The fact that she put the project into practice and actually founded her start-up shortly afterwards was also due to the fact that the marketing expert was no longer satisfied with her employee life. The many journeys were difficult to combine with family life. This is one of the reasons why your company is particularly mother-friendly. Most of the employees work from home. 
You are flexible in your timing. The consolation box is available in pharmacies, toy stores and in your own online shop. It is available in three versions - for colds, stomach aches and fevers - and contains games, books, hand puppets and other things that kids can use to drive away their boredom in bed.

# 5 SpatzenTourist - traveling with little luggage

Traveling with children is a heavy pack and a hell of a lot of hauling. What you don't need - even if it's just for a weekend trip to the surrounding area: strollers, buggies, tricycles, bicycles, scooters, child seats, swimming animals, sleds, diapers, toys, cots, milk bottles and a thousand more things should be in the trunk, on the train or hoisted into the plane. It is almost impossible to stow everything on board.
While on holiday with their first child, the married couple Madeleine and Johannes Mieth asked themselves whether it might not be more relaxed to rent some of the things for the duration of the holiday and have them delivered comfortably. But since they couldn't find a suitable offer, they founded their start-up SpatzenTourist in 2018.
Regardless of where the journey is going within Germany: The Dresden company delivers what parents don't want to miss at the holiday destination, but also don't want to take with them or cannot take with them due to capacity reasons. On the day of arrival, the equipment is already on site and can be used immediately, after departure it will be picked up again.