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Affiliate Marketing Mistakes: The 7 Worst Mistakes And Their Consequences

Building your own lucrative online business - this can become a reality with affiliate marketing. However, many beginners are surprised that they do not generate any sales despite a functioning website and various affiliate products. This is due to small affiliate marketing mistakes that deter website visitors and prevent them from purchasing an affiliate product. 
The following article therefore shows seven crucial mistakes in the affiliate business and their consequences. It also explains how these errors can be avoided by making minimal adjustments to a website. When building your own online business, affiliate marketing has become a popular business model in recent years. Basically, it is about referring customers. Because the website operators, as affiliates, are responsible for directing customers to an online shop with one click. 
This gives the affiliate a certain percentage of the profit. So that a website operator does not have to search for possible partners himself, there are also affiliate networks that take over the mediation. However, in order to be successful with their online business in the long term, affiliates should avoid the following affiliate marketing mistakes:

The 7 Worst Mistakes And Their Consequences

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes: The 7 Worst Mistakes And Their Consequences

Affiliate Marketing Mistake # 1: Just Products Instead of Content

Anyone who relies on affiliate marketing would of course also want to generate commissions and as many of them as possible within the shortest possible time. But when it comes to implementation, many affiliate marketing mistakes often happen: they overload their website with banner advertising and other products and forget the content. It is not for nothing that the saying “Content is King” and you should orient yourself towards it. 
So if you act as an affiliate for travel advisors, for example, then the readers also need detailed information about selected travel destinations. It is worthwhile to provide readers with information that they can only get on your website. Because that's the only way you can stand out from the competition. At the same time, high-quality content also improves your ranking on Google so that your website can be found more easily.

Affiliate Marketing Mistake # 2: Not being an expert on the product

Affiliate marketing comes from the area of classic recommendation marketing. Therefore, affiliate marketing only works if your readership classifies you as an expert on the affiliate product. For example, experience reports can also help if you use the affiliate product yourself and can prove it. Or your readers recognize your expert status for an entire topic and are even interested in several affiliate products. 
So if you run a blog about healthy, low-fat diets, for example, McDonald's burger advertising would be an affiliate marketing mistake. However, if different recipe books for healthy eating are presented on your website, this in turn increases credibility and also increases your sales.

Affiliate Marketing Mistake # 3: Getting noticed at all costs

Anyone who travels a lot on the Internet can certainly understand that banner advertising and product information must adhere to certain rules. Huge banners, for example, which blink and block the view of the selected website with sound, are one of the biggest affiliate marketing mistakes. In the worst case, these ensure that the readers use an ad blocker or mentally save the website as a negative example. 
It therefore makes sense to use banner advertising as discreetly as possible and not necessarily include an affiliate link on every subpage. If your affiliate product is placed appropriately and credibly, you improve the user experience and increase the click probability.

Affiliate Marketing Mistake # 4: Just Focusing on Commission

When looking for the ideal affiliate network, many rely on a partner with the highest possible commissions in order to ultimately generate high sales. Because advice-intensive topics such as credit cards, cell phone contracts or insurance can bring in up to 100 euros in commission per contract. However, the affiliate product has to fit your own website and you should also question the reason for these high commissions. 
Because usually these are affiliate products that are rarely bought spontaneously, maybe only bring in a commission once a year and then turn out to be an affiliate marketing mistake. Therefore, it is worthwhile to pay attention to other factors in addition to the amount of the commission. This includes, for example, the cancellation rate of an affiliate network and the search volume for individual products.

Affiliate Marketing Mistake # 5: Poor Performance Due to Technical Errors

Actually, it is technically not particularly complex to place links from an affiliate network on your own website. But it is crucial that these links and your entire website still work properly. For this it makes sense to first test all affiliate links used in order to understand the tracking and to rule out this affiliate marketing error. 
Because it can happen that the backend settings of the website prevent certain tracking methods. Then you should then check the loading time and the overall impression of the website. How long does it take to see all affiliate links? Can the photos and banners be displayed without any problems? Where does an error possibly arise that has a technical background?

Affiliate Marketing Mistake # 6: Insufficient SEO Measures

Even if your website works technically flawlessly and delivers valuable content, it must also be found by your readers via Google. That is why it makes sense to invest enough time and energy in search engine optimization. This includes, for example, a keyword analysis to identify which search terms should be used to find your website on Google. 
In addition, backlinks can also help you to increase credibility. It is worthwhile to contact possible partner websites and suggest mutual linking. In general, you should also use various Google tools for website improvement for appropriate SEO measures in order to fully exploit the potential of your content.

Affiliate Marketing Mistake # 7: False Expectations When Getting Started

Building an online business with affiliate marketing is comparatively easy. But you should say goodbye to the thought that thousands of readers click your affiliate links every day right from the start. Rather, it is a process in which you improve the overall impression of your website and avoid the existing affiliate marketing mistakes. 
Above all, you need enough knowledge about a functioning online business in order to know and be able to use the most important success factors. It therefore makes sense to keep yourself informed and to use professional tips for orientation. With the right measures and patience, your entry into affiliate marketing will pay off in the long term.


Now it is your turn! Because now you can start your long-term successful online business and avoid the existing affiliate marketing mistakes. Everything does not have to work perfectly, take your time and focus on your goals.