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10 Tips For Online Stores

An online shop is quick to set up and can theoretically reach several billion customers. Success does not come automatically. Here are 10 tips online retailers should consider.

Tips Online Retailers Should Consider

10 Tips For Online Stores

1. Determine the target group and analyze the market

You can already find web shops for all kinds of products on the Internet. Before you open yours, you should be sure that your project does not contain any weaknesses. How can your online shop assert itself? To do this, you have to intensively examine the market environment: your target group, the demand for your products and of course your competition. This also applies after starting the website. In particular, remember to keep an eye on your competitors.

2. Define sales area

Determine your sales area. Just because you can reach customers all over the world thanks to the internet doesn't mean you should have a webshop in every country. To settle in a country means to know its market and rules and, above all, to master the logistics.

3. Increase the number of shop visitors

Determine the best sources of shop visitors. The more visitors your webshop has, the greater the number of buyers will be. This is where you need to invest. For example in SEO, paid referencing, affiliation, social networks. What is the cheapest way to find customers? Nowadays you can measure and analyze everything online. You should therefore analyze thoroughly which method can be used to efficiently increase the number of visitors.

4. Strengthen customer loyalty

Pamper your customers, because customer loyalty is not guaranteed. It's a big plus when customers feel attached to your brand. You can achieve this, for example, by offering customers added value. Publishing interesting articles is a good method. An online pharmacy can create health tips in the form of a blog, a fashion shop can create fashion tips. A newsletter is also an interesting tool.

5. Optimize customer service

Customer satisfaction plays an important role for a web shop - even more than for a classic company. Provide impeccable customer service. An error in an order or a delivery can always occur. But that's not bad as long as the customer service works and the customer is still satisfied in the end. Customer service is the key to a customer-friendly image.

6. Offer a hassle-free user experience

Make sure you have a smooth user experience. Always assume that online customers are comfortable. Every possible frustration and complication on the website can lead the customer to abandon the process. If a product cannot be deleted from the shopping cart, the delivery address does not fit correctly in the form, or the desired payment method is not offered, the customer can quickly cancel the purchase. So it is in your interest to offer the best possible user experience (UX).

7. Reduce steps in the ordering process

Reduce the number of clicks it takes to buy a product. The number of clicks makes a decisive contribution to a good user experience (see previous tip). If the customer has to surf through many pages before completing the purchase, they will give up beforehand.

8. Measure user behavior

Get used to measuring and analyzing everything. In contrast to a classic company, an online shop offers numerous and powerful solutions for measuring user behavior. Which pages has a customer visited often? Which products did the customer add to or remove from the shopping cart? How often has the customer visited your website? Use the tools to learn more and more about your customers. When you understand customers better, you can offer them better deals.

9. Increase the value of the shopping cart

Increase the average shopping cart value and thus also the total sales. For example, encourage cross-selling by offering additional products that go well with the products in the shopping cart. On some websites you can read: "Customers who bought this item also bought ...". This draws the customer's attention to products and acts as a recommendation. Offering a discount when purchasing a second product has also proven effective.

10. Remain independent

Stay as independent as possible. There are all kinds of offers to increase the traffic and sales of the web shop: price comparators, partner websites (affiliate), marketplaces ... All of these solutions look very attractive. They can actually have a positive impact on your sales, but it's better to do without them. Because these websites charge a commission or switch between your online shop and your customers. It is important to be aware of this and to only use these offers temporarily.