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These Are The Six Most Common Battery Errors When Charging

It seems paradoxical, but the simplest things can sometimes be so difficult. When it comes to cell phone use, charging your device is certainly one of the more straightforward processes. At first glance, it seems very easy to charge the battery of your smartphone. How difficult can it be to connect your device with a cable or to put it on the charging station? Actually, you shouldn't think so. Nevertheless, many mistakes can be made during the charging process, which can have negative consequences for your phone and its battery. Incorrect charging can even lead to permanent damage to the battery of your mobile phone. To avoid this, we present the six most common battery errors below and tell you how to avoid them - so that you can benefit from your smartphone battery for a very long time.

Most Common Battery Errors When Charging

These Are The Six Most Common Battery Errors When Charging

Popular battery error: Using a battery case

One or the other of you may have used it before: the battery case. This is a mixture of a power bank and a mobile phone case. Power banks are extra batteries that you connect to your phone in order to supply the ailing battery with new energy. A battery case does exactly the same thing, only it also protects your phone from scratches, dirt and minor drops. 
So far so good. Unfortunately, using such a battery case can damage your battery. The heat emitted by both batteries (that of your cell phone and that of the battery case) can impair the smartphone battery. Avoid this battery mistake and use a power bank and a mobile phone case separately.

Store your old smartphone with an empty battery

A battery mistake that is often made is storing old smartphones with an empty battery. You may know this: even though you've had a new phone for quite some time, you still keep your old one. Who knows when you might need this again. Maybe the phone can be resold. In both cases, the device benefits from an intact battery. 
This is especially guaranteed if the battery is not completely empty during storage. That means: Make sure that the battery in your old device is about half charged. That does the battery best. However, if the battery is completely full or (even less recommended) completely discharged, this can have a negative effect on the performance of the battery.

Classic battery error: Use a different charger

Battery errors are numerous, one of the most common is using a third-party charger. The reason why many users prefer to use hardware from other manufacturers is obvious: They are cheaper. Chargers, both charging cables and (especially) charging stations can be many times more expensive if they are original parts, e.g. from Apple or Samsung. As a result, chargers are bought that cost only a fraction of the original price. 
The use of discounted chargers from other manufacturers can lead to a deterioration in the performance of your battery because the hardware is not perfectly matched to your smartphone. Do yourself and your battery a favor and go for the more expensive original part. Your cell phone battery will thank you.

Charge your smartphone in bed overnight

Probably the most common battery mistake is charging in bed. The motives for charging the smartphone overnight are understandable: during the day the cell phone is in use and the battery is stressed, at night it is time to recharge the smartphone. Since many users use their cell phone in bed before going to bed or use it as an alarm clock, for example, it is (literally) obvious to leave it in bed and charge it there. However, this leads to the device becoming very warm. 
When your smartphone is charging, heat is generated; if the pillow and blanket are on the phone, the increased temperature has nowhere to go. This can lead to a defect in the battery. There is also the risk that the battery could catch fire and a fire could result. It is better to charge your device in a different room or far away from your bed and use a different alarm clock, if you have one.

Extreme temperatures are typical battery errors

Most people know, but this battery error is not uncommon: Exposing the cell phone to extreme temperatures. If possible, your phone should not be in too cold or too hot an environment. Many manufacturers state at which temperatures their device should ideally be used, at Apple, for example, it is zero to 35 degrees. Chemical processes take place in every smartphone battery, producing electrons - which ultimately leads to energy. 
For a chemical reaction to occur, the ambient temperature must not be too low or too high. Otherwise the performance of the battery will be impaired and the device may switch itself off in the worst case. Make sure, for example, that you do not put your cell phone in the blazing sun or leave it outside on a skiing holiday.

Charge the battery too quickly or too late

It is not always easy to follow so many tips when charging the cell phone, but this battery error should also be avoided if possible: Charging too fast or too late. Cell phone batteries used to be of a different nature than they are today, which is why there is still a rumor that batteries should be charged as late as possible. Lithium-ion batteries are now used. 
They benefit when the battery charge remains constant between 20 and 80 percent. Charging too fast or too late does more harm than good to the battery. If possible, make sure that your phone's battery is never completely full or completely empty.