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10+ Recommended PC / Laptops Video Editing Applications

Video Editing Application for PC / Laptop - To make an interesting video usually requires a video editing application that is easy to understand. Editing of videos can be done on the phone, PC or computer. And usually, editing videos with a mobile phone feels easier and easier.
When editing videos with a PC or with a computer, you can edit videos as interestingly as possible for the details of the video you want to edit. Because the tools provided by the video editing application for the PC are more complete and detailed.
Video Editing Application in Modern TimesVery important as the video is very useful for doing promotion, introduction, etc. To make the video more interesting, you need the best video editing application. And here are 10 PC video editing applications that you can use.

10 video editing applications for PC

10 Video Editing Applications For PC Below Can Be Editing Videos You Upload To Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, And Twitter. In addition, some of the following applications are considered very easy to use. And here is a full explanation of the PC video editing application that you need to know.
10+ Recommended PC / Laptops Video Editing Applications

1. Sony Vegas Pro

The first application commonly used for video editing is a Sony Vegas application. This application is also known for the best video editing applications. Not only that, the software developed by Sony has no doubt about making music and videos.
This Sony Vegas application also has several variable functions like other professional video editing software, and the application is also very easy to use. Because of this, this application is very convenient for beginners.
For example, a timeline that is simple and divided into audio and video. You can stack different audio and video data directly into different tracks.

2. Corel VideoStudio

Corel not only develops photo editing software, but it also developed video editing software. The name of the application is Corel VideoStudio. This software is also known as the best video editing software.
In this application, Corel provides convenience for its users to use the application as the interface of this application is quite simple so that it is easy to use. In addition, the Corel VideoStudio application is arguably one of the applications for high-end video editing. And because of its ease of use, this application is perfect for beginners in video editing.

3. Windows Movie Maker

For Windows lovers, you surely already know the video editing application developed by the Windows company. Yes, the Windows Movie Maker application is a video editing application that you can use on your Windows-based computer. You can use this application to make good and interesting videos.
This application is also pretty easy to use by displaying a simple interface, so those of you who have never used the video editing application can easily use this application.

4. Adobe Premiere Pro

In addition to developing software for editing, Adobe has also developed video editing software that can be used on a PC, Adobe Premiere Pro, for photos only. This application is widely used by people who are into video editing, be it professional or not.
Because this software offers convenience in editing a video and the functions provided are also very different. You can use this software to create interesting videos.

5. Avidemux

The fifth video editing application that can use this over PC, which is the Avidemux application. You can use this application for free so you don't have to pay any fees. In addition to offering free applications, this application has other advantages, namely, the convenience for beginners to use the application.
You can just cut videos, put filters in videos, do slow motion in videos, and you can do the encoding with this application too. You can learn for free with this application by watching the tutorials on Youtube. This application also supports various video file formats like DVD, AVI, ASF and MP4.

6. AVS Video Editor

This AVS Video Editor application is included to edit video applications for small capacity PCs. AVS Video Editor is widely used by users to edit their videos. The advantage of this application is the video cache that allows users to edit full HD resolution videos with ease and hassle.
Not only that, this application also notfor embedding various support functions, e.g. B. cutting, splitting videos, providing text and inserting audio into the video to be edited. This application also has 300+ effects and transitions to add sensation to the video you want to edit.

7. Adobe After Effect

If we've talked about Adobe Premiere Pro before, so this time we're going to discuss the application of video editing from Adobe, the other, Adobe After Effect. Adobe brings Adobe After Effect with a different touch in Adobe Premiere Pro.
This application is a very good application, reliable, has many effects available, and can be used at any time. The advantage of the Adobe After Effect application is that it can use objects to modify and create animation. In addition, this application is also assisted by the scripting function and the expression support to be able to create a more dynamic animation. Other functions developed by Adobe After Effect are keyframe creation, shape creation, action scripting, etc.

8. VideoPad Video Editor

If you've never heard of the VideoPad application used with Android. But the name, this application can be used on computers running any Windows operating system.
You can use this application to cut, drag and drop videos, and then use this application to add various effects and interesting and unique transitions.
Hence the video editing application for pc that you can try, hopefully this article can be useful to you. And choose any of the above video editing software that suits your taste.