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5 Reasons Why The Removable Battery is Overrated

Do you remember when you could simply replace the battery when it stopped working? What noble times those were - but then came Apple. The Californians were the first to bring the curse (or the blessing) of permanently installed memory cells into smartphones. As so often, the other manufacturers followed the trend. But is the topic still worth a stir? I'll give you 5 good reasons why the removable battery is totally overrated these days.

Reasons Why The Removable Battery is Overrated

5 Reasons Why The Removable Battery is Overrated

Reason 1: Waterproof and dustproof thanks to the built-in battery

The first reason is the water resistance and dust resistance, which almost all top smartphones bring with them. This would not be possible with a replaceable battery, as dust and water will always penetrate the inside of the device. Only by arranging and sealing the current premium models and outdoor phones, such as the Caterpillar S60, is it even possible to achieve certified protection classes.
In addition: If your cell phone was dropped, it sometimes damaged the battery cover and in the worst case it fell off. The constant opening and closing of the cover did not do the same good either.
New top smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus) are also getting bigger and bigger. Of course, they should still be stable and not flexible like blades of grass in the wind. A permanently installed battery naturally helps the general stability. Perfectly integrated into the housing, it ensures that nothing happens even if you press hard in your trouser pocket and that one or the other fall will come off lightly.

Reason 2: Powerbank instead of exchangeable battery

Powerbank_5200mahIf you run out of juice, you can simply grab a spare battery. But honestly, who does it these days? Who will buy extra batteries for this? Today you can get decent power banks for little money (e.g. here with a cheap contract). These then recharge your smartphone within a short time without you having to remove the battery, let alone switch off your smartphone.
Nice side effect: you can also charge other devices with the power bank, while a removable battery only fits the respective device type.

Reason 3: Better to change your smartphone than the battery

Today's premium models, such as the Apple iPhone 7 (Plus), offer absolute top quality and numerous new features. So if the built-in battery on your old smartphone really does go up, simply save yourself the battery change. If the worst comes to the worst, get your smartphone up-to-date. Top offers are available from all German network providers at for as little as 1 euro. 
Given the fast pace of today's technology, the possibilities of using current smartphones are much greater than those of old devices. Who would have thought of dual cameras, iris scanners, always-on displays or VR applications a few years ago? As annoying as it is to retire a functioning smartphone - apart from the battery - the devices can still be passed on to hobbyists for good money.

Reason 4: Stay away from third-party batteries

Akku_Feuer It is tempting: Take a quick look at the online dealer and find extremely cheap replacement batteries. These then often even have a significantly higher capacity than the original. The problem with this is that they are often not of the same quality as the manufacturer's original batteries. In the worst case, this can lead to damage to the device or the rear side due to overheating or short circuits. In addition, some of the replacement batteries have different dimensions, so that special battery covers are required, which can make the device thicker and heavier. Should the built-in battery actually give up completely within the first few months, all manufacturers give at least a 6-month guarantee and replace it without any problems.

Reason 5: A bad battery remains a bad battery

Have you already thought about what that says about the quality of the battery if you have to replace it with a new one within a short time because it has too little power? Right. Even the new battery will not provide much more power or last much longer, since it is the same battery. Thus, replacing the battery may bring short-term improvement. However, the problem of the battery discharging too quickly still persists. In addition, it can be difficult to find the right spare parts for more exotic models.

Conclusion: The replaceable battery is dying out

The last premium model with a replaceable battery was the LG G5 SE with its modular design. All other top smartphones, including the successor LG G6, rely on built-in power storage. The advantages mentioned above - above all the increased stability as well as water and dust tightness - outweigh the disadvantages. It is therefore no wonder that the majority of smartphone users no longer place any value on exchangeable batteries. This is also confirmed by a survey at Androidpit: 54% of users consider the exchangeable battery “unimportant” or “less important”.