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How to Build Personal Branding in this Digital Era

In this digital era, you must build personal branding for your business or company. This strategy has so many advantages in the online sector. Those are like the online shop, YouTuber, blogger, freelancer, advertiser, website owner, and many more again.
Customers will become more loyal than before. They will have more confidence in purchasing your products or services. This method also creates a connection between someone who has a personal brand and those who are looking for it.
Another advantage you can get is having a better authority. That is why; a lot of businessmen are in a race to build personal branding in order to win the competition. Do you want to do it too? You are in the right place. Here are the ways.
How to Build Personal Branding in this Digital Era

Buy the Right Domain

It is the first strategy to have. Purchase the right domain based on your name or business is essential. It is recommended to buy the .com extension to show that your industry is the professional one. You can order it by using your name.
How if that domain has been bought by others? Don’t be panic. The right thing to do is still using your name but adds several specific words. The examples are blog, notes, web, nickname, or others that show your personal brand.
Actually, to check that username you could use several platforms that are available. If you found that the username is free, try to claim it as soon as possible. This simple action is needed to build personal branding and get more customers.

Do the Cross-Platform Promotion

The point is to promote your social media accounts and websites interchangeably. Let's say you have accounts on Telegram, Facebook, and Instagram. Today you create a status on Facebook that tells people to join your Telegram channel and follow the Instagram account.
The next day on the Telegram channel, you boost your Facebook and Instagram accounts. The day after on Instagram you promote your Telegram and Facebook accounts and so on. It is what you can call the cross-platform promotion.
To build personal branding at its best, consider the profile photo that you use too. If it is possible, you can hire a professional photographer to capture the best picture, make it your profile picture and make customers feel confident.

Indexed in Google Search Engine

Get your name indexed on Google. It is the thing that sometimes forgotten by people and businessmen. So when someone else types your name, at least the websites and social media accounts will appear on the first page of Google search results.
If it does not appear at this time then immediately optimize your website and account, there are so many strategies that can be done for this. The first option is using the SEO technique which considering the keywords, plagiarism, paragraph lengths, and more.
You can consult a professional about it. Indexed on the first page is so effective since people are usually lazy to search on the other pages. This strategy is good to build personal branding which will boost your business’ profit.