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3 Hidden Android Functions On Your Smartphone

Android phones are among the most widely used devices in the world. With the exception of Apple, almost all major smartphone manufacturers trust Google's operating system. Just like iOS, Android also offers a wide range of different features. But do you know all the functions of your operating system? Many features are extremely useful, but far from being familiar to all. We have looked at the range of Android functions and introduce you to 3 hidden Android functions that will make it easier for you to use your device.

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3 Hidden Android Functions On Your Smartphone
The advantage you have with hidden Android functions is obvious: Firstly, you expand the range of functions of your device. Your smartphone offers a whole range of features, but not all of them are known or easily accessible. Second, hidden Android features make your phone more user friendly. Because although Android smartphones are basically easy to use devices, you can benefit from the use of secret Android features. 
Be it to ensure the security of your cell phone or to be able to secure certain processes and conversations on your device. Hidden Android features help you get the most out of your smartphone. In the following we will show you the three most useful features.

1. Android Device Manager

There are many hidden Android functions. With this feature, your smartphone can be controlled via another device, either a phone or a laptop. The "Android Device Manager" is primarily a security program with which you ensure that your data is protected in the event of a device loss.
Hidden Android features like these may remind you of the Apple Find My iPhone app. In fact, the “Android Device Manager” can be described as the counterpart to the iPhone's security and location app. The difference: With Apple it doesn't matter whether you have an iPhone 6, 6 Plus or 7, because the app is standard in the current operating system - not in Android. 
Because of this, you need to download the Android Device Manager first. To do this, open the “Google Play Store” app on your Samsung, Sony or HTC mobile device, search for “Android Device Manager” and download it. This function not only runs on a smartphone, but also on a laptop. To start it from the PC, simply go to the homepage of the “Android Device Manager” and first log in with your Google access data. Regardless of whether you use the Device Manager via a smartphone or a laptop, you have access to your device and can have it ring, located or blocked depending on the situation. Few hidden Android functions guarantee such a high level of security as the “Android Device Manager”.

2. Screen recordings

Of course there are more than just a few hidden Android functions, but only a handful of these features offer you real added value. Such as the screen recordings. This is a live recording of all your screen activities, a video version of the classic screenshot.
Hidden Android features like the one described here can be extremely useful. Be it to watch a special section of a film again, to record certain work steps on your smartphone or to save a video call and send it on. The screen recording feature gives you the opportunity to record everything that is important to you in real time.
There are several hidden Android functions that you can download as an app from the Google Play Store to record your screen behavior. The "AZ Screen Recorder" is one of the best known and most proven. After you have downloaded the relevant application, open it and follow the instructions in the app. Setup only takes a few seconds and you can start recording.

3. Record conversations

Hidden Android functions like recording smartphone activities are not limited to the screen of your device. With the help of certain apps, phone calls can also be recorded.
Recording conversations is a useful tool: whether during a telephone interview to select new employees, when learning and studying with a classmate or fellow student or to record what has been said during a private conversation. Hidden Android functions such as the recording of phone calls help you to preserve what is dear to you.
If you want to benefit from this feature, first download a suitable app. We recommend the application “Call Recorder - ACR” in the Google Play Store. Not many hidden Android functions for recording calls offer you the advantage of saving conversations in mp3 format and high quality and keeping the amount of data small. This way, your internal storage is not stressed too much. In the course of this, the application also automatically ensures that older voice recordings are deleted. However, if you do not want that, you can turn this process off. Furthermore, all recordings can be password-protected so that what is familiar remains confidential.