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From Start-Up to Start-Up - 7 Tips For Rapid Company Growth

A company starts with an idea, a vision. This is the starting point from which an incredible amount of work, creativity and expertise flows into a company to create a strong foundation. Everything stands or falls with the ability to make more of this original idea, to generate growth. But how? Here are 7 tips for growing your business quickly.

Tips For Rapid Company Growth

From Start-Up to Start-Up - 7 Tips For Rapid Company Growth

Tip 1: Find the “why” of your company

Together with your basic idea for the company, the “why” is the greatest drive. It is the sustainable engine behind all growth. If you know your “why”, it will get you through the tough phases of laying your foundations and should be the starting point for all growth strategies. Plus, it's much stronger than any outside drive. An example: If I have the inner drive "hunger" myself, I will cook much sooner than if a TV advertisement tells me to prepare food when I am not hungry. 
But taking the right action is also important - eating won't help when I'm cold. Back to the “why” and company growth: The company must be clear about what the inner drive, the “why” is and take appropriate measures. In doing so, it will bring the essence of the company closer to other people and stimulate the process of growth.

Tip 2: Use tried and tested business models for your growth

You don't have to reinvent everything. If you are clever, you already use successful models and put the icing on the cake of your own unique selling proposition. In this way, you can concentrate on the advantages of your company when setting up and then take specific measures for company growth. For example: Google. You know. A search engine that incorporates advertisements into the results and earns billions with investors. Seems to work just fine. Ecosia is a start-up that also uses this trick with the advertisements in the search results, i.e. takes over the successful and well-known system. 
The only difference is that Ecosia's profits flow into plants and not back to investors. Ecosia also attaches greater importance to data protection - two components that make Ecosia special as a start-up. The tip for your company: Use tried and tested models that make your company profitable and use this security to be particularly innovative and creative.

Tip 3: Whoever wants to be found needs SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Awareness is essential for the growth of a company. This is increased by search engine optimization (SEO). The goal: to integrate keywords into the company's channels in such a way that interested parties can find them when researching a search engine such as Google (or Ecosia!). Best of all, of course. Here it pays to hire an expert who can, for example, optimize the company website or communication on other channels accordingly.

Tip 4: Customers are friends: use social media

New customers are the key to growing a company. In order to win these new customers, two components are crucial: firstly, you need reach and secondly, you have to generate attention. There are numerous marketing channels to achieve this - for example social media. Social media represent a way of reaching a large number of new customers with your content and generating growth - without necessarily having to tap into the large marketing budget. 
Of course, it is important here: company growth comes when the content has added value and relevance for customers. Social media have another special feature: their target group is on Facebook, Instagram and Co on platforms where they follow private friends with whom your company can mingle with its content. So use this opportunity to build trust and sympathy - after all, new customers are friends of your company.

Tip 5: Create a meaningful company website

The website serves as a figurehead for your company: Your potential customers want to find out who you are, what your company offers and under what conditions. A professional website will encourage customers to switch to you or use your product - and thus contribute to the growth of your company. 
A clear website with clear calls for action helps customers find their way around and creates trust. Realize the potential of your website by addressing your customers' key concerns and giving them the opportunity to learn more. Your website also paves the way for one of the most important channels for successful business growth. Email marketing.

Tip 6: Email Marketing - Your company's pen pals

Via email marketing such as newsletters, your company has the unique opportunity to get in touch with very different groups of customers (you can find more about this marketing strategy in our article on inbound marketing). You can send existing customers news from your company or attract previously inactive interested parties with customized offers. Again, the added value for the customer determines whether the measure promotes growth - nobody likes spam.

Tip 7: Use video marketing and paid advertising in a targeted manner

Video marketing is particularly suitable for companies that want to stimulate interaction and communication with customers. Professionally produced marketing videos combine entertainment and technical competence - it pays to focus on quality and set a budget for it. Paid advertising can also be very effective in the otherwise freely usable social media. Make sure that your actions follow a concept. This allows you to use financial resources in a targeted manner and trigger a growth spurt even with smaller campaigns.

Bonus tip: Make the most of marketing channels for your company

Basically: Quality takes precedence over quantity. The growth of the company arises from your effective channels, even if that may only be one or two for the time being, not from ten channels on which nothing happens. Better to be the best on a few channels than mediocre on many. Of course, you can gradually expand and supplement the channels as your company grows. 
When deciding which one to start with, the “why” already mentioned helps. what is your goal? Which channel can present this most tastefully to your customers? In any case, the channels should be networked with one another by a strategy and create added value for the customers, who can get to know different facets of the company with each of the channels.