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Create WhatsApp backup With Google Drive

When it comes to backup copies in WhatsApp, even experienced smartphone users reach their limits at some point. Although the chat app is very easy to use, the application suddenly becomes cross when it comes to backups. In many cases, backup copies in WhatsApp are used to save past chats and to be able to save important conversations. 
This was once possible without any problems, but since the beginning of this year the feature has been removed from the German version of the app. The background to this is a complex legal dispute between the Canadian company Blackberry and Facebook before the Munich regional court. As a result, no more chats can be saved in WhatsApp - can you? Yes, with a detour via your Google Drive cloud service. We'll tell you how you can save your chat history using Google Drive in just a few steps.
Create WhatsApp backup with Google Drive

WhatsApp backup can be done via cloud

To perform a WhatsApp backup on your smartphone, you have two options to choose from. Regardless of whether you are an iPhone user or prefer Android Phones, WhatsApp data can be backed up either locally on your device or via a cloud service. With regard to storage via the cloud, Google Drive for Android devices and iCloud for iPhones are generally considered. 
Depending on which device or operating system (Android or iOS) you are using, a different cloud service is available. In principle, however, both work relatively similar. In the following, we present the option of performing a WhatsApp backup via Google Drive for Android users. Android is the most widely used operating system for smartphones worldwide, WhatsApp the most widely used messenger app. A data backup via Google Drive is an extremely important function for Android users. In this way, you can save everything that is important to you, even without the previously popular export function.

Create WhatsApp backup with Google Drive - that's how it works

The option of performing a WhatsApp backup via Google Drive has been available since January 2016, but not every Android user is clear how to do this. The feature is right in your app, open the application and then go to Settings> Chats and Calls> Chat Backup. Under this menu item you have two options for WhatsApp backup. On the one hand, your chat history can be saved directly on your device, i.e. locally. 
On the other hand, you can make a WhatsApp backup via Google Drive. Choose the latter option. You can now specify how often a data backup should be made. You can choose between “Never”, “Only when I type 'Save” ”,“ Daily ”,“ Weekly ”and“ Monthly ”. In this way you can decide for yourself whether and how often you want to make use of a WhatsApp backup. As a rule, a weekly or monthly data backup is sufficient as long as it is not about professional or extremely confidential information.

You should also keep this in mind with WhatsApp backup

To be able to do a WhatsApp backup, you must have a Google account. As a rule, Android users have a corresponding account, which is queried or created when the device is set up for the first time. If not, you first need to create a Google account. This is necessary for a very pragmatic reason: The WhatsApp backup is saved in your Google account. 
No WhatsApp backup without a Google account. Under Settings> Chats and calls> Chat backup, you can also specify that a data backup should only be carried out if you are connected to a WLAN network. The advantage: When backing up via WLAN, your data volume is saved. If you only have a limited volume or if this has already been used up for the current month, this option is definitely recommended. In principle, however, it is always worth activating data backup via WLAN. After all, mobile data is a valuable asset.

Include videos in WhatsApp backup or not?

In the chat backup menu under "Inclusive videos" you have the option to include film clips in the data backup. If you have ticked the appropriate box, all your videos created in WhatsApp will be included in the next backups. Backing up videos has advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, you get a complete backup of your data with a WhatsApp backup including videos. In this way, you have not only captured your most beautiful memories in text form, but also in moving images.
On the other hand, there is no file format that takes up more storage space than video data. Text and voice messages take up a fraction of the storage capacity compared to movie clips. Even high resolution photos use far less storage space than a short video. Fortunately, an agreement between Google and WhatsApp has existed since August 2018 that data backups of the chat app are not counted towards the standard 15 GB Google Drive storage. That means: Even a large WhatsApp backup does not take away any storage space in Google Drive.

Why exactly is there no longer a WhatsApp backup?

The company does not officially disclose what is behind the WhatsApp backup function. However, it stands to reason that there is a dispute between Blackberry and Facebook, WhatsApp's parent company. The nine different cases that were brought to court included a patent from Blackberry for sending chat histories. Since Blackberry was right in the German court, it is likely that WhatsApp users in this country will have to do without the popular function of archiving chat histories.
For a while, the option was still visible to some users, but an update finally made the feature completely gone from the app. As a result, WhatsApp users have to do without the function for the time being, but unfortunately it is not yet clear at the moment whether and when it will return. In other countries, however, the export function for chat histories is still standard.